How and when to pay fees?
You have a few choices of how and when you pay your tuition fee. But be sure to pay before the deadlines – these dates can be found on the school CALENDAR. Payments must be received before these dates to secure your enrollment. You will receive a Fee Statement with your offer of admission letter indicating tuition fees to be paid.

Tuition Payment Methods
You can mail a certified cheque, money order or e-transfer funds online. Funds are payable to KENNEDY SCHOOL OF AVIATION.

Tuition Payment Options

Option 1
Pay a non-refundable deposit of $500 by the registration deadline. Additional installments of $1500, $2000 and $2000 are paid on or before the installment deadlines. A balance of $2000 will be due on or before the enrollment deadline. This option will secure your seat on the course.

Option 2
Pay a non-refundable deposit of $500 by the registration deadline. The balance of $7500 is paid on or before the enrollment deadline. Please note that this option will only be accepted if there are seats available on the course by the enrollment deadline. If there are no seats available your name will be added to the waiting list. When classes start, if there is a seat available due to a cancellation it will be offered to you.

Tuition Payment Deadlines
Tuition payment deadlines are indicated on the student calendar. Please be aware that failure to make tuition payments by the deadlines indicated may result in your enrollment being cancelled. If you miss a deadline please contact us immediately.

Tuition Payments from outside of Canada
Please Contact Us to make the necessary arrangements for paying tuition fees from outside of Canada. 

Tuition and Ancillary Fees

2019 Tuition Fee

Course Name:

Course Serial:

Course Tuition:
$8000 CAD +HST

The ancillary fee for textbooks, which you can source independently if preferred, is approximately $300.00. Hard copies or etexts are acceptable.

Ex-military and Air, Army and Sea Cadets receive $500 off the course tuition.


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