Where did we get our experience?

The Kennedy School of Aviation was conceived to bring a new level of training to the industry.
We bring with us a wide variety of trade experience to give our students perspective on the different career paths.

Aircraft Manufacturing

Aircraft assembly, modification, and flight testing, component repair and overhaul.

Parts Manufacturing

Design approval, first article and production process, project management training.

Operations & Maintenance

Base and field operations including remote
location support and maintenance.

Quality Assurance Auditing

Onsite inspection of aircraft, facilities and technical records, TCCA audit process, quality auditor training, TCCA and FAA regulatory compliance.

International Leasing Operations

Lease management including customer build-specifications, AOG (Aircraft On Ground) support, ongoing maintenance support, annual aircraft and technical records auditing, TCCA and foreign-authority registration and certification, mobilization and demobilization, import and export process.

AME Basic Training Instruction

Theory and practical instruction at a college-level maintenance program.

Human Factors Training

Ongoing Human Factors In Aviation training.

Flight Training

Theory and practical training at a college-level flight program.

Military Training

Officer training including leadership, ethics, motivation, detailed systems and planning.

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