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What makes us the best choice for AME Basic Training?

We believe that there are qualities we possess that make us stand out from
other schools, and that are a direct benefit to you.

Quality of Training

We offer only one program which allows us to focus on quality. Because we come from the industry that we intend to serve, we are intimately familiar with the high standards that are unique to aviation. Our training focuses on both fixed-wing (airplane) and rotary-wing (helicopter) content, ensuring that you get comprehensive exposure to all industry segments.

Qualified Instructors

At KSA we recognize the importance of having a full-time Subject Matter Expert (SME) deliver the course material, unlike many post-secondary schools which employ a high number of part-time employees. We take great care to ensure that your instructor has comprehensive industry experience, so that you and prospective employers can be confident that the school is providing the knowledge and skill that the job demands.

Additional Training

To provide a broader view of the aircraft operational environment we include a Private Pilot Ground School course, offered on-line through a Transport Canada-approved Flight Training Unit. Because pilots often get an introduction to what goes on ‘under the hood’ we believe that the professional AME should get an introduction to what goes on in the cockpit as they are critically connected.

Starting Your Career Sooner

Graduates of our ‘one-year accelerated program’ are eligible to enter the workforce and start earning an income after only 8 months of training - 12 months earlier than two-year programs. You'll start getting real experience, in the field of your choice, while getting paid. A shorter course also gives you a lower total tuition cost. 

Our Location

Our school is located in St. Catharines in the heart of Niagara. A one-hour drive from Toronto and 30 minutes from Hamilton, with easy access to major highways and bus routes. We have on-site free parking and are close to several malls and restaurants. If you require accommodations there are many student-rentals in close proximity to the school.

Helping You Find That First Job

We work closely with our industry partners to ensure that you have the essential skills and qualifications that employers demand. We strive for 100% placement for our students upon graduation and provide them with assistance in this endeavor.  

Small Class Size & Larger Work Area

The hallmark of every leading private school is a low student-teacher ratio. We believe that large, bright and inviting work space supports positive learning. As a private school KSA will give you more one-on-one time with your instructor and you’ll feel at home in the space where you’ll spend much of your day.

Our Training Material

In addition to a solid theoretical curriculum our program brings relevant training aids from the industry to your hands. Aircraft and aircraft components help to solidify the learning experience. We offer field-trips to aircraft manufacturers, maintainers and operators and bring the industry to the classroom with guest-speakers from the various career paths.

KSA Helicopter

Our Commitment

With the hard work of its instructors, the guidance of its Advisory Committee and through strong relationships with industry stakeholders the program will ensure that its students receive an education of the highest quality.

Strong work-ethic, positive attitude, attention to detail, organization, systems and safety are strong focusses of the program as they serve both the students and the companies that will employ them. To help support and reinforce these essential attributes the school will remain vigilant and committed to a disciplined regimen. 

We encourage you to compare your options – not all schools effectively deliver the goods. Make the right choice for your training…let the KSA commitment help to ensure that your first step into a challenging, rewarding and exciting career in aviation is the right one.

Helicopter Main Rotor Head
Glass Cockpit
Helicopter Landing Pad Arctic
Aircraft Instrument Control Panel
Helicopter Cockpit Cyclic Stick

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St. Catharines, ON
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